George Gadson and Beth Ravitz have been elevating civic art collections for a decade. George and Beth possess an extensive range of skills, strengths, and interests which are finely attuned to the cultivation of vibrant Art in Public Places experiences. Both have significant experience working as: Professors, Lecturers, Public Art Consultants, Public Artists, Project Coordinators, Business Owners, and mentors to emerging artists. Their combined experience and deep passion for creating a platform of cultural and community engagement qualify them as optimal team members.

After many years of collegial communications, George and Beth formed Gadson & Ravitz, LLC to further the mission of Art in Public Places. Ms. Ravitz, female and Jewish, and Mr. Gadson, male and African American, felt they were not only the face of a diverse community, but together created a powerful, thoughtful team, ideally suited to champion a wide range of art, culture, and aesthetic endeavors. With nearly 55 years of combined experience, Gadson and Ravitz bring exceptional skill, industry specific knowledge, and a passion for excellence to every project.


Having realized many similar  projects, Gadson & Ravitz have a clear understanding of the coordination, organization, and administration required to achieve a successful  project. George and Beth share interchangeable roles and responsibilities that span administrative, technical, marketing, and community outreach. The team attends all meetings with clients, prospects, artists, contractors, and community groups. One partner is available at all times for urgent consultation. George and Beth have warm personalities, practical approaches, and clarity of expectations, which enable them to optimally navigate professional relationships and bring tangible success to temporary, community-involved art efforts. 

Beth and George have managed AIPP Projects ranging from small enhancements to monumental commissions. They have the administrative experience, communication skills, and art process (practical) knowledge to insure a linear and efficient launch of any master planning or art projects.